Hearts and Balls Charity

Hearts & Balls Charitable Trust

Rugby brings immense pleasure and a sense of community to millions of people, but occasionally, like many other sports, it brings tragedy instead.

Though it happens very rarely, injuries can be serious and life-changing. Hearts and Balls aims to ensure that, in times of need, those connected with rugby are supported by the wider rugby community.

Since 1999 we’ve supported over 30 players and their families. This support has taken many forms – financial and non-financial, short-term and long-term. Click here for more information.

Hearts & Balls depends on voluntary financial donations to fund its support for injured rugby players and their families. If you would like to make a personal donation, use the Justgiving window to the left of the screen or go to the Help Us page. If you would like to support the Charity by participating in a fundraising event go to the News and Events sections.

Gavin Hastings

“Rugby is a game that many of us have taken a huge amount from, and it is only right that we now combine to put something back in. I encourage you all to support Hearts and Balls’ excellent work.”

Gavin Hastings (Watsonians, Scotland, Barbarians, and British Lions)