Hearts + Balls exists to help rugby help its own. Our main focus is, and will remain, the players and their families, impacted by catastrophic injury, bereavement or serious illness.

Hearts + Balls was set up in 1999 and since then has grown in profile, financial capacity and impact on the rugby and wider community.

Our main object is to help players and families who have been impacted by catastrophic injury. Our assistance is usually direct financial help or advice and advocacy to identify and access funds from other sources. Over the years, however, Hearts + Balls has also developed expertise on issues such as the sourcing and operation of specialised equipment, when counselling for players and families is appropriate and effective, and we now extend support to those in the rugby community affected by serious illness or bereavement.

In addition, through our wide network of individuals and organisations, Hearts + Balls is able to offer players and families access to an extensive range of professional expertise, knowledge and services.

While the treatment and care of those who have suffered catastrophic injury has improved significantly over recent years, the need still remains for financial and emotional support, both at the time of injury and in the months and years which follow.

We operate across geographical, political and social boundaries and are not tied to any one country, rugby union or organisation.