If you want to help in our fundraising efforts, why not join one of our fund-raising events, or even organise your own event?

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Join a fund-raising event

Hearts + Balls organise regular fund-raising events and challenges – some of them energetic, others less so. Whether you prefer to walk 30-odd miles in the Scottish Borders or join a post-Six Nations party, you should find an event to your taste. See the News and Events sections for details of forthcoming events.


Organise an event

You can stage your own fundraising event. Please talk to us beforehand to ensure that the event is in line with Hearts + Balls standards and aims.

We can also send you a Hearts + Balls rugby shirt to raffle or auction. All we ask is that you raise a minimum of £1000. Simply email us details, and we will send you a shirt and details of how and where to send your donation.

We can’t function without donations