Aiden’s last match of the game he loved was against us in our Festive match against East Lothian Select XV.
His cousins are running Edinburgh Marathon Festival Marathon in May in his memory. They’ve decided to also fundraise for The Hearts and Balls Charitable Trust.

At the beginning of this year we tragically lost a cousin and friend Aiden Hoenigmann at the age of only 27. An irregular heartbeat starved Aiden’s brain of oxygen for 45 minutes which was devastatingly fatal. Aiden was an inspiration to so many people throughout his life and he has inspired myself and Kieran to run the Edinburgh Marathon 2024 on the 26th May in his memory.

Anyone that knew Aiden would understand his strong passion for rugby. He captained (and coached) Ross High RFC for the last couple of seasons including a successful promotion to the national leagues. Aiden always liked to help others and the last time that he played rugby was a game for the East Lothian select team against Hearts and Balls Charity. Hearts and Balls Charity help to support individual players and families who are impacted by serious injury or illness. We would love to raise money for Hearts and Balls Charity as we see them as a charity which was close to Aiden and the sport that he loved.

Myself and Kieran are looking forward to completing the Marathon in Aiden’s memory and we aim to raise as much as possible for Hearts and Balls Charity. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Linked here for anyone who would like to support their noble cause.