Jim Telfer names his dream team from 1984 and 1990

By 24th May 2022

As part of the Grand Slam Celebration Dinner on Saturday 21st May, Jim Telfer chose his ‘Joint team from 1984 & 1990’. 

His selection was

15. G Hastings
14. T Stanger
13. S Hastings
12. S Lineen
11. R Baird
10. J Rutherford
9. G Armstrong

1. D Sole
2. C Deans
3. I Milne
4. C Gray
5. A Tomes
6. D Leslie
7. F Calder
8. D White

The winning submission was made by Gordon Affleck on table 5 (table host was David Kirkwood). A major prize will be winging its way to them shortly.